NEW CROSSOVER – Das ist hier Konzept!

Verschwitze Shirts, farbige LEDs und ein Crossover-Frontfrau-Energiebündel – das ist ALVEOLE.
Gekonnt experimentiert das Quartett aus Nürnberg mit einem Mix aus Rock, Metal und Elektro und führt den Hörer so von atmosphärischen Strophen zu Ohrwurmrefrains mit Gänsehautfeeling. So muss moderner Rock klingen – und dazu noch Made in Franken!

Anfang 2014 in Nürnberg gegründet, veröffentlicht die Band bereits im selben Jahr ihr Debutalbum „Rhythm of Absurdity“ und kann sich schon kurz darauf über viele positive Reaktionen aus Musiklandschaft und Öffentlichkeit freuen. Neben diversen Radiointerviews im In- und Ausland (z.b. Radio Energy, StarFm, YaRadio, etc.) kommen ALVEOLE 2017 beim StarFM Contest zur besten Band Frankens von über 100 Bands unter die ersten acht.
Zu den Songs “Do you use a knife” und “Irreparable Self Extinction” produziert die Band zwei Musikvideos in Eigenregie.In zahlreichen Shows, sowohl in zahlreichen Clubs als auch auf Open Air Bühnen, können ALVEOLE live überzeugen und lassen in ihrer mitreißenden Show keinen Fuß mehr neben dem anderen stehen.
Mit neuer Inspiration arbeiten ALVEOLE aktuell am letzten Schliff ihres neuen Studioalbums – der Release ist für 2019 geplant.

Also auf zu neuen musikalischen Horizonten!

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne ahead ceaselessly into the future.”









SILVIA | VOCALS | silvia@alveole-band.com

Silvia is not only the singer of the band, but also writer of most of the lyrics.

Besides her career as a musician she works as a graphic designer, painter and writer. Creativity, arts and music is what makes her world go round.

She spends her leisure time either with her three chinchillas teaching them new tricks and cleaning up their mess or at her fitness-centre working out.

Silvia’s taste in music has always been influenced by Synthie-Pop-, Wave- and Darkwave-Bands of the 80ies and Stars like Depeche Mode and Madonna, but Slipknot,The Prodigy or Placebo have also room in her CD-collection. Furthermore contemporary Reggeae-, Dancehall- and Dubstep-Artists can make her dance.

“ I don’t give a fuck about the genre – Let’s create something new!







SEBASTIAN RUETZEL | GUITAR & SYNTHS & VOCALS | sebastian_r@alveole-band.com

In his function as a guitarist, backing singer and synth programmer, Sebastian Ruetzel is forming the melodic base frame and songstructure of the band.

As a music-addict he’s very active in creating new sound material for the band or one of his other projects. His favorite place is his „Audiosea Studio“, where you can find him ever so often working on new audio stuff, diving into the spheres of recording and mixing and composing structures of rhythm and melody.

Coming from metal music, Sebastian is a very open minded person who loves mixing different musical styles into a new unique creation. His guitar playing is mainly influenced by the Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal like „In Flames“ oder „Dark Tranquillity“, but also softer and slower genres like Post and Alternative Rock.

„The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.“





marvin_alveoleMARVIN | BASS | marvin@alveole-band.com

Marvin uses his bass to support the band with the sonic low end. He is also a passionate guitarist and has recently begun exploring the vast possibilities of electronic music production.

Musically he is heavily influenced by Modern Melodic Death-, Alternative- and Industrial Metal bands such as “In Flames”, “KoRn”, “System of a Down” and “Static-X”. He doesn’t believe in sticking to one particular style of music though. Instead he is known for recklessly breaking the boundaries of traditional genre conventions in an endless effort to create something unique. In this quest he draws inspiration from bands like “Celldweller”, “Blue Stahli”, “Enter Shikari” and “Machinae Supremacy”.

As the newest member of Alveole, Marvin hopes to use his experience to help create inspiring music for lots of people to enjoy.

Music has the power to bring people together. Let’s use it!