English Translation of the song “Blut”

Lyrics by Silvia Alveole

there is this spot in my soul
a black stain
and every time I search for it
in this hiding place
it’s cold and it’s dark
I can’t move up or down
I am losing 6 hours each day
They get lost and never come back

It is in my blood, it’s in my soul
even if l‘ll never understand it
It feels senseless but also good
It makes me feel restless and gives me courage

It is in my heart and in my soul
This dark spot that I just can’t see
It is hiding away from me
and when I try to reach it
it is gone

there lives this creature in this hiding place
and when I look for it
it is long gone
I cannot see it
and I can’t understand it
no one can help me

I don‘t understand
why I can‘t forget it
I know where it comes from
But that doesn’t make me feel any better
I can’t understand what I’m feeling
Cause it’s way too much
And way too heavy
Just carry on

It’s in my blood
It’s in my soul
This thing that I just can‘t control
It gives me pain and also glory
Welcome to my life story

It‘s in my heart and in my soul
When I try escape it’s on patrol
I can not run
I can not hide
It is too late to turn the tide