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Das Nürnberger Quartett ALVEOLE rundum Frontfrau Silvia liefert gekonnt eine explosive Mischung aus modernem Rock und Metal ab. Innovative Gitarrenarbeit und atmosphärische Synthies verschmelzen mit gefühlvollem Klargesang und energetischen Shouts. In ihren Texten zeigt die Band sich sowohl kritisch als auch emotional und beweist bestes Gespür für hitverdächtige Melodien und Refrains mit Ohrwurmgarantie.

Mit ihrem Enthusiasmus konnten ALVEOLE in den letzten Jahren zahlreiche Herzen erobern. Live liefert die Band mit jeder Menge Energie eine leidenschaftliche Performance ab. Im Fokus steht dabei Silvias beeindruckendes Wechselspiel zwischen Metal-Shouter und Rock-Röhre.

Schon zwei veröffentlichte Studioalben und zahlreiche Musikvideos zeigen die rasante Entwicklung der Band seit ihrer Gründung im Jahr 2014. Ohne ihren ganz eigenen Sound zu verwaschen, experimentieren ALVEOLE stets mit unterschiedlichen musikalischen Einflüssen und erfinden sich immer wieder neu.

Auf ihrem dritten Longplayer, dessen Veröffentlichung voraussichtlich Ende 2022 geplant ist, legt die Band in punkto Groove, Atmosphäre und Energie noch einmal ordentlich einen drauf.

The future is waiting! Come and join us!


It’s full speed ahead for the four-piece crew from Nuremberg, Germany, blasting through the universe of modern rock music. Lead singer Silvia steers their interstellar spaceship, fueled by an explosive mixture of atmospheric verses and catchy choruses – goosebumps guaranteed.

Since 2014, Alveole have been redefining what a traditional rock band line-up of vocals, guitars, bass and drums can do. Their unique mix of rock, metal and electronic influences is far beyond all limitations of style and genre – sometimes empathic and critical, other times playful und witty, but always with a great feel for hit melodies.

Full throttle in the recording studio. Fast and furious on stage. With their high energy and addictive enthusiasm Alveole ignite the air of venues in Germany and entertain audiences with a vibrant and colorful live experience. Innovative guitar riffs are fused with edgy synth melodies while lead singer Silvia hogs the limelight with her balancing act between pop-diva and rock-shouter. It’s an extraordinary, cliché-free and pure modern rock package. Following this formula, Alveole have conquered the hearts and minds of their audience over the last years.

Alveole have shown determination and ambition from the start. Just a few months after their formation in 2014, they released their first album “Rhythm Of Absurdity” and their single “Do You Use A Knife?”, both of which have caught the attention of the press and several radio stations. Consequently, Alveole were featured in multiple German and international radio shows and were voted one of Franconia’s top 10 bands by their fans during a band contest hosted by the StarFM radio station in 2017.

In October 2019 the second studio album “Andorra Effect” is released, which shows off the massive evolution of the band’s sound. By producing musicvideos for the songs “Las Vegas, Baby”, “Zero Gravity” and “Access Denied” ALVEOLE are adding an visual emphasis to their creative vision.

Dreamy melodies, rhythms you can dance to, and raising hell: That’s Alveole in a nutshell. Now it’s time to unbuckle, get up and rock out!

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